Driving through traffic for motorcyclists can be stressful simply because motorcyclists never know what the drivers next to them are going to do. Drivers of passenger vehicles, SUVs, and large trucks often make unsafe lane changes directly into motorcycles, causing serious Sarasota motorcycle accidents.

While changing lanes can be difficult, every driver learns the proper way to change lanes when getting their driver’s license. Sadly, not every driver remembers how to change lanes safely. For example, a driver should always use a blinker to notify other drivers of their intentions. Additionally, drivers should look into their mirrors and over their shoulders before changing lanes to check their blind spots and look for motorcycles that are hard to see. Too often drivers of passenger cars fail to take these steps, and they cause serious Florida car and motorcycle crashes.

Unsafe lane changes occur due to the ten following reasons:

  1. Drivers who fail to use caution
  2. Drivers who are overly aggressive
  3. Drivers who fail to check their mirrors before changing lanes
  4. Drivers who neglect to look over their shoulders before making a lane change
  5. Drivers who have poor eyesight
  6. Drivers who are distracted
  7. Drivers who are drowsy
  8. Drivers who are impaired
  9. Drivers who speed and weave in and out of traffic
  10. Drivers who accelerate and cut other motorists off

After Sarasota motorcycle crashes, drivers of other vehicles often tell police that they never saw the motorcycle. What this implies is those drivers did not look properly before making lane changes, were distracted, or were doing something that they shouldn’t have been doing.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable in crashes from unsafe lane changes. They are completely exposed and lack the protection that occupants of cars have. When drivers sharing the roadway with motorcyclists fail to check blind spots and look out for motorcycles, those drivers can be considered careless drivers.

Because motorcycles can be hard to see, drivers of other vehicles need to pay attention when attempting to make lane changes. Small motorcycles have the right to share the roadway with cars and trucks. It doesn’t take more than another vehicle clipping a motorcycle for a motorcyclist to lose control and be ejected.

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