What if you found out that your doctor had you go underneath the knife for a surgery that was completely unnecessary? While it may sound absurd, tens of thousands of people every year are victims of unnecessary surgeries, according to a USA Today investigation.

Unfortunately, many people in our area of the country are victims of unnecessary surgeries. In fact, our attorneys are currently handling a case like this in which a woman received an unnecessary gall bladder surgery.

When doctors fail to diagnose patients correctly, fail to order the correct tests, or interpret test results incorrectly, patients may be told they need surgeries—when in actuality they might not need to go underneath the knife. Additionally, some physicians perform surgeries because they don’t believe in non-surgical treatments, whereas other doctors intentionally recommend surgery to their patients to increase their income.

As a result of unnecessary surgery, victims may endure:

  • unnecessary risks and infections
  • unnecessary scars and wounds
  • unnecessary side effects and harm
  • unnecessary disability
  • unnecessary lifestyle changes
  • unnecessary financial costs
  • unnecessary recovery time
  • unnecessary time off work and lost income
  • unnecessary pain and suffering

Because this is a major medical malpractice issue sweeping Florida and the rest of our nation, it is important for patients to know their rights. If you have been a victim of a diagnosis error, unnecessary surgery, or other medical error, you need to seek legal counsel to learn about your rights to a medical malpractice claim. We can be reached for a free, no-obligation consultation at 888-409-3805.

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