If you own a bike and use it for exercise, pleasure or for commuting purposes, chances are you need to have a high-output lighting system to reduce your chances of getting into a bicycle accident. There are many poorly lit roads in the Sarasota area and there are certain times of the day that are dangerous to ride a bicycle without the proper lights.

By having front, rear, and side safety lights, you will increase your chances of making sure motorists spot you on the road. But since there are so many lights to choose from, how do you know which bicycle lights are the best ones for you?

The type of bicycle light you choose may depend on the type of riding you do, for example:

  • Day commuters on city streets may want a headlight that is more narrow-focused.
  • Night commuters should have a wider-focused headlight for darker roads that will allow peripheral vision.
  • All cyclists should have a rechargeable light emitting system that uses LED lights, which are brighter lights that motorists have a better chance of seeing.

Other types of lights that cyclists should consider include:

  • Flashing light – Other motorists have an easier time noticing a flashing light than a steady bean of light.  And flashing lights can be placed on the front and rear of your bicycle.
  • Helmet light – Additional lights are always recommended to make yourself more visible and to help you see where you are going. Having a light on your bicycle helmet is highly recommended.
  • Reflective tape – Because bicycles are small and bicycle lights aren’t as bright as car lights, using reflective tape around the bicycle’s frame or wheels can help other motorists spot you on the road.
  • Side emitters – Some headlights have the capability to emit light to the side, which can allow you to see better and other motorists to see your bicycle better.

Although the majority of bicycle accidents occur due to negligent drivers, cyclists can make sure they are properly illuminated to reduce their chances of being in a bicycle accident. If you have found this information helpful, please feel free to share these bicycle accident prevention tips with your friends and family on Facebook to help others you know reduce their chances of being in a crash.

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