Many children often consider wearing a bicycle helmet when they hop onto their bikes, but they reconsider because they don’t think a helmet looks cool—wondering if they will get made fun of for wearing it. However, children aren’t alone in this. Many adults feel the same way, and they often opt to not wear a bicycle helmet because it doesn’t look that great.

The truth of the matter is that wearing a bicycle helmet might not be a fashion statement, but it can certainly save lives and prevent cycling injuries in Florida—which is definitely cool! This is exactly the message that a Cape Coral teen is promoting following his bike crash.

According to Connor Fields, he didn’t wear a helmet as he was riding his bike to school because he didn’t feel like wearing a helmet was cool. The day of October 21st will always be a mystery to him because he doesn’t remember crashing his bike into a truck on Southwest 20th Avenue, near Veterans Memorial Parkway. The only thing Connor remembers about his bicycle accident was that he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

As a result of his bike crash, Connor suffered a skull fracture and tibia fracture. He cannot see straight and he is using crutches to get around. He said it is “Not very fun walking around with crutches and an eye patch, having people stare at you.” This is why he is sharing his story so that other kids and teens can learn from his mistake.

Mallard Perez would like to wish Connor a full recovery, and would like to remind all bicyclists in Florida to wear their bicycle helmets. If you believe this article will help someone you know and love, feel free to share it by selecting one of the share buttons to the left of the screen.

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