Many parents place their children on school busses to get to school safely; however, children aren’t completely safe on busses. While most parents think of their children’s safety as it relates to school bus accidents, there are other incidents on school busses that cause harm to children, such as abuse—as we recently discussed an incident involving a school bus attendant physically abusing a student.

Sadly, we once again are discussing the reality of child abuse on school busses. However, instead of physical abuse, this time we are discussing sexual abuse. Although it may seem impossible that sexual assault could take place on a school bus because there are adults and many children on a bus, it does happen on occasion.

According to, a school bus driver in Walton County was arrested and charged with sexual assault of a 12-year-old child on his bus. Investigators determined that the school bus driver was transporting one child, after dropping off the rest of the children, when he pulled off the road to sexually assault that child.

This incident once again reminds us that children are not safe anywhere, even as passengers on school busses. Not only do parents have to be worried about traffic accidents, bullying, and physical abuse taking place on schools busses, but now parents need to be concerned whether their child is the last one on the bus and might be a victim of sexual abuse.

In order to help protect your child as a passenger on a school bus, talk with your child. You can start by asking your child the following questions:

  • Are you the last one being dropped off on a school bus route?
  • Is anyone being mean to you?
  • Has anyone made inappropriate comments to you?

While your child is most likely safe on his or her school bus, you never can be too cautious as we have seen both physical and sexual abuse occurring on school busses in just the last several months in Florida.


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