We have all heard that texting and driving is a dangerous driving behavior that should be avoided. However, many drivers aren’t aware that the act of looking at a text message can be just as dangerous. This is because the action of taking one’s eyes off the road—even for a few seconds—can cause a crash.

Although many people don’t want to believe that the several seconds it takes them to read a text message can cause them to wreck, it is the truth. This is why all drivers shouldn’t even have their cell phones within their reach while they are at the wheel. When drivers hear their phones ring or vibrate, it can be very tempting to pick up their phones to read a text—especially if they are awaiting an important text message.

For example, maybe you are in a fight with your boyfriend or husband and you receive a text from him. It can be extremely distracting to read this text message while driving. Whether a text is from your boss, husband, wife, mother, father, friend, or other important individual in your life, reading a text message while driving can put you at risk for crashing. Just remember, it doesn’t matter how important or serious the text is when a serious car accident occurs because of it.

Ask yourself: “Is anything that important, that could cause me to crash and injure myself and others?” If it is that important to you, do yourself and others sharing the road with you a favor and pull off the road. Because the simple act of reading a text message while driving is dangerous and considered distracted driving, we encourage you to share this blog on Facebook. You never know who you can help avoid from being in a wreck.

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