According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2008, driver distraction caused 16 percent of all fatal crashes. A leading cause of distracted driving is text messaging. Text messaging is the process of sending or receiving brief messages limited to 160 characters on modern mobile phones. The vast majority of mobile phones today have text messaging capabilities. Texting has been linked to an increase in distracted driving, injuries, and loss of life, raising the risk of a Sarasota car accident.

While young people are frequent offenders engaging in texting while driving, this problem is not limited to our nation’s youth. The following is an overview of this dangerous problem:

  • The American Automobile Association reports that approximately 50% of U.S. teenagers admit to texting while driving.
  • Text messaging is on the rise. Between December 2005 and December 2008, the number of text messages sent and received rose from 9.8 billion to 110.4 billion messages per month. 
  • Texting while driving impairs driving abilities and reduces reaction times.
  • Studies found that in 2008, at any given moment, over 800,000 people were texting, making calls, or using a hand held cell phone while driving in the U.S.
  • Despite many states enacting laws restricting cell phone use while driving, the American Journal of Public Health reports that auto accidents involving cell phones and texting while driving rose 28% from 2005 to 2008.
  • When drivers send text messages, it is estimated that they spend about 10% of the time it takes to send the text travelling outside the driving lane that they are supposed to be in.
  • Answering a text message takes a driver’s attention away from the road for approximately five seconds, which is long enough to travel the length of a football field.
  • Approximately 25% of experienced adult drivers admit to sending text messages while driving.
  • Studies have proven that texting while driving is the most dangerous of all cell phone activities due to the length of time that the driver’s eyes are taken off the road.
  • A truck driver texting while driving is 23.2 times more likely to get into an accident.

Clearly, texting while driving is a dangerous contributor to Sarasota car wrecks. If you were involved in a collision with a driver who was texting, you may be entitled to repayment for your injuries and property loss. For more information, contact an experienced Sarasota car crash lawyer. Complete our online submission form or call our office at (888) 409-3805 for a free consultation.

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