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  • Child abusers typically don’t look unusual or weird. Unfortunately, most sex offenders look somewhat normal and are difficult to pick out.
  • Ninety percent of childhood sexual abuse takes place at the hands of someone a child knows and not by a stranger.
  • Child abuse can occur at school, on the playground, or during after school activities.
  • Sex offenders can include adults and even older children.
  • Parents should teach children from a very young age about safety and body boundaries.

During this time of year as children are going back to school, meeting new teachers, making new friends, getting new coaches, and getting involved in new hobbies or activities, it is a good idea that parents talk with their children about body boundaries and child sexual abuse prevention tips in order to keep their children safe and protect their children’s innocence.

Helpful Concepts All Children Should Learn

Because most parents don’t want to scare their kids or bring up the “abuse” word, parents should consider teaching their children the following concepts:

  • I am the boss of my body.
  • My bathing suit area is private.
  • I know my parents’ phone numbers.
  • I never go anywhere without checking with my parents first.
  • I don’t keep secrets from my parents.
  • It’s okay to say “No” to a grownup if that person makes me feel uncomfortable.

Because child abuse can occur in any school and affects all socioeconomic groups, parents should never assume their children are safe. For this reason, we encourage you to share this blog with your Google+ circles, as you never know who this might help.

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