School used to be considered a safe environment for children. However, with the tragic school shootings, violence, bullying, child molestation, and child abuse incidents in the last several years, no school seems to be safe. In addition to public Florida schools, even private Catholic and Christian schools can be the scene of a tragic child incident.

When it comes to child sexual abuse in Florida schools, it can happen at any school and to any person. Both boys and girls are at risk, although girls are more frequently the victims of sexual abuse. While parents may not ever imagine someone else hurting their child, it’s a sad reality that one too many kids suffer the effects of abuse at school, preschool, or daycare.

What are the types of school sex abuse in Florida?

Children sexually abused at schools may include boys or girls from preschoolers to high schoolers. At one end of the spectrum there are non-touching sexual offenses and at the other end there is touching.

Abusers can be guilty of sexual abuse by participating in non-touching sexual offenses, including:

  • Taking naked pictures of children
  • Exposing children to pornography
  • Being naked in front of a child
  • Masturbating in front of a child

Typically, abusers progress from non-touching to touching offenses, including:

  • Fondling and touching a child’s private parts
  • Forcing a child to touch an adult’s genitals
  • Using an object to penetrate a child’s private parts
  • The act of sexual intercourse

Sadly, all types of child sexual abuse, whether touching or non-touching offenses, are harmful and devastating for children. When children are robbed of their childhood in this way, they suffer many effects. The consequences of abuse on a child include depression, antisocial behavior, self-abusive behavior, loss of trust, and loss of self esteem. The effects of any of the above actions can lead to emotional problems that extend far beyond childhood.

When children are molested and sexually abused by teachers, school employees, or other students, a Florida school abuse lawyer should be contacted. If someone threatened your child to engage in some form of sexual activity, whether your child was abused by an adult or another child, you need to know your child’s rights.

To make sure you take the right steps to protect your child from any further harm, call a Sarasota school sex abuse lawyer today. Contact Mallard Perez at 888-409-3805 for a free consultation.