People come from all over the United States to vacation in Florida. One city that is gaining popularity amongst vacationers is Venice, due to it temperate winters, beauty, and many biking paths. In fact, it has become a popular vacation spot amongst biking enthusiasts.

Because of this, there has been an increased number of bicycles on the road.

With the surge of bikes in the area, bicycle accidents have also increased. As a result, Venice police have been cracking down on cyclists and motorists in order to reduce accidents involving cars and bicycles.

Be Alert to the Rules of the Road

Whether you are a local or a tourist and plan to pedal on Venice roads, it is important that you review the traffic laws for cyclists, including:

  • Stop at all stop signs and signals
  • Obey traffic signals
  • Ride with the flow of traffic
  • Ride in a bicycle lane or the farthest right lane possible
  • Don’t drink and drive a bike
  • If riding between sunset and sunrise, equip your bike with a rear reflector and red light, as well as a white front headlight
  • Wear a bicycle helmet if you’re aged 16 or younger

While cyclists need to obey the road rules and do their part to prevent crashes from taking place, most bicycle accidents involving cars are caused by drivers of those cars. For this reason, it is even more important that motorists are reminded to always look out for bicyclists and to yield to them when on the road since they are smaller and more vulnerable.

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