Placing a loved one in a nursing home is almost always a difficult choice to make; however, sometimes it is necessary in order to provide a loved one with the round the clock care he or she needs. Because you might not be able to make sure all of your loved one’s needs are met due to your work schedule and other commitments, you trust that the nursing home will be able to provide the proper care and supervision that your family member needs.

You may have placed your loved one in a nursing home because he or she needs help walking, eating, going to the bathroom, or doing other daily activities. While many nursing homes provide good care, there are others that neglect residents and don’t help them with these things—leaving residents to suffer fall injuries or allowing them to enter areas that are unsafe. As a result, many nursing home residents end up suffering broken bones.

While many nursing home patients are at risk for suffering broken bones due to osteoporosis and weakened bones due to aging, neglect by nursing home staff may increase elderly nursing home residents’ chances of suffering a broken arm or leg. Other reasons why nursing home residents sustain broken bones include:

  • Wandering and elopement – Staff members fail to supervise patients properly, allowing them to wander off the property, fall, and suffer broken bones.
  • Wet floors – Workers may mop the floor but forget to keep residents from walking into the freshly mopped area. As a result, residents may fall and suffer broken bones. 
  • Not using equipment properly – When lifts and bed rails aren’t used correctly, patients may fall and suffer broken bones.
  • Physical abuse. When nursing home workers physically abuse patients, they can suffer broken bones.


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