Seniors in nursing homes are supposed to be cared for and their needs attended to—not neglected. So when a family member finds out his or her loved one has been neglected and harmed as a result, it is only natural to want to hold the nursing home accountable.

It may be difficult to imagine, but neglect is a form of nursing home abuse that occurs throughout Florida and nationwide. Although some caregivers don’t intentionally neglect patients, they may find it hard to provide the level of care elderly patients need due to staffing issues. Sadly, patient neglect is often caused due to understaffed and overworked employees.

Nursing homes should know that elderly patients require more attention, a closer eye, and a higher level of care. When they don’t have enough staff on hand to properly care for their patients, they have to know that some patients will be neglected. Sadly, it seems like those nursing homes that put profits above patients’ safety are the ones that take such chances.

When patients are neglected, they might not get the proper amount of water, food, medicine, and care. Sadly, neglect can cause an elderly person to suffer from malnutrition, dehydration, poor hygiene, ulcers, infections, or other injuries. Any of these health conditions are unnecessary and grounds for filing a lawsuit against the nursing home involved.

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