Riding bicycles is a way both children and adults can get exercise, have fun, and get from point A to point B. Because bicycles share the road with powerful motor vehicles, it is important that bicyclists follow the road rules and do everything they can to stay safe and avoid an accident. Unfortunately, there are crash factors that are outside of a cyclist’s control such as defective bicycles.

When a bicycle is made poorly, designed improperly, or if compromised materials are used in the assembly of a bike, a cyclist may suffer a bicycle accident attributed to the defective bike itself. Unfortunately, bike manufacturers put innocent bicyclists in danger when they cut corners and place defective bikes on the market.

Bicycle Accidents Caused by a Manufacturer’s Defect

When a bicycle is designed or assembled defectively, bicycle crashes are often inevitable—leading to one of the three types of bicycle product defect claims:

  1. Defectively designed bicycles
  2. Improperly manufactured bicycles
  3. Bicycles distributed without adequate warnings

If you believe your bike had defective wheels, carbon forks, brakes, or pedals that caused your bicycle accident injury, your bike might have been unsafely assembled, improperly manufactured, or have a flaw in the design. It’s unfortunate, but bicycles often fail as a result of poor materials being used or because they were assembled incorrectly. To find out if the quality of your bicycle was compromised, you should keep all the components of your bike and speak with an attorney that has experience in representing injured bicyclists.

For help understanding your rights and whether you have a claim against a bike manufacturer, contact Mallard Perez or request a free copy of our book, What You Need to Know After a Florida Auto, Truck, or Bike Accident.

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