Were you hit by a county or city vehicle while on your motorcycle? Many city and county officials drive cars in which the city or county insures. In fact, there are many government-owned vehicles on the road being driven by county or city workers. Just like other cars, government-owned vehicles are involved in collisions from time to time. Even emergency vehicles such as police cars and fire trucks have been involved in crashes that were caused by the negligence of city workers.

When a local government employee causes a motorcyclist to crash, the city can be held accountable for the damages arising from the collision. While these types of claims can be complex due to the involvement of the local government and strict time deadlines, it is possible to stand up to City Hall and receive compensation.

If a city worker drove a government vehicle into your lane without using signals or negligently side swiped your motorcycle causing you to crash, you may have a valid claim against City Hall. However, don’t be surprised if the city doesn’t make you a fair settlement offer for your crash-related injuries.

Just because the other car involved is a county or city owned vehicle doesn’t mean that you have to accept the settlement offer being presented to you. You still have rights to seek a fair compensation for your injuries and losses, but you may need to stand up to City Hall in order to get the financial recovery you deserve.


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