When the unthinkable happens and a young boy is abused by another child or adult in the Boy Scouts, parents of abused children need to get their hands on as much information as possible. Watch this video to educate yourself about the Boy Scouts of America and which parties may be liable in the event of child abuse.

If your child was a victim of Florida child abuse in the Boy Scouts, it is important that you learn about the organization in order to determine the liable parties in your case. Although the Boy Scouts of America is a national organization, there are subdivisions throughout the country overseen by various councils. In Sarasota, the Southwest Florida Council of the Boy Scouts of America manages the local troops. Each troop is run by a scoutmaster and is sponsored by a local organization, such as a church. All of these parties are responsible to ensure boys have a good experience and are kept safe. When a boy suffers verbal, physical, or sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts, any of these parties could be liable.

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