For parents of Boy Scouts who have heard about the recent Florida Boy Scout abuse claims, they often want to know where the abuse takes place. Because we want parents to be able to help their children avoid being abused, we have created this video to educate families about Florida Boy Scout abuse.

Boy Scout troops frequently go on overnight camping trips. Although boys look forward to hikes and campfires, overnight campouts are often the scene of many Florida child abuse incidents. On trips such as these, it is easy for an abuser to sneak into a child’s tent or find away to be alone with a child. Parents not only need to be aware of the potential for child abuse on campouts, but that abusers could be both adults and other children. When parents are equipped with this information, they can inform their children of the possible dangers to prevent their child from being a victim of Florida child abuse in the Boy Scouts.

If your son was abused in his Boy Scout troop by an older child or adult, your family needs to seek justice. Find out about your rights to compensation and get your legal questions answered by calling Mallard Perez. Dial 888-409-3805 to speak with an experienced Sarasota child abuse attorney in a free initial consultation today or contact us online at

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