While most people are treated well and are safe in nursing homes, some people have suffered harm at the very hands that were supposed to care for them. When nursing home abuse occurs, victims should be entitled to pursue their rights. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents in Florida have unknowingly signed arbitration clauses, preventing them from having a trial by jury.

An arbitration clause is found in nursing home paperwork. It is designed to protect the nursing home and limit the damages that you or your loved one can recover. If you have a claim against the nursing home, this arbitration agreement would prevent you from having your day in court. Instead an arbitration clause would allow you to have your case heard in front of a panel of people who are often partial to the nursing home because they get a lot of work from the nursing home industry. This is why it is important not to sign an arbitration agreement, so that you do not sign away your rights. In fact, you are not required to sign this clause under Florida law.

If you would like to preserve your rights to pursue any and all damages available to you, please have us review your nursing home paperwork before signing anything. We would be happy to do this free of charge. Contact us today for a free consultation at 888-409-3805 or online at

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