Being involved in an auto accident is not only alarming and overwhelming, but suffering an injury—even a broken bone—can be scary and serious. Unfortunately, the force of a car crash can cause the energy to transfer to the drivers and passengers, injuring their bodies.

When a person’s body hits different objects inside the vehicle, blunt force trauma can occur and cause a bone to fracture. Sometimes car crashes on I-75 result in open fractures, comminuted fractures, or spiral fractures. When an open fracture occurs, the injured victim will see his or her bone piercing through the skin. In the event of a comminuted fracture, the bone breaks into three or four parts. Twisting injuries can also occur—resulting in a spiral type fracture of someone’s bones. All of these types of crash-related bone fractures are serious and often require immediate surgery.

While many people trivialize bone fracture injury claims, our injury lawyers know that these types of injuries are serious injuries that require serious medical attention and serious compensation. For help getting the results you are looking for, our Sarasota law firm has handled hundreds of cases involving these types of injuries and invite you to call us for a free initial consultation at 888-409-3805 or contact us online at

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