There are many different types of injuries that victims of motor vehicle accidents sustain. One common yet serious injury that occurs frequently in traffic crashes is a femur fracture. While the result is still the same—a break in the femur bone—there are many different types of femoral fractures. Watch this video to learn more.

The type of femoral fracture an accident victim suffers depends on the force of the impact, where the break occurs, and if the leg is twisted. For example, spiral fractures occur when the foot is planted but the leg twists, causing the bone to actually have a spiral fracture. Another type of femoral fracture is a comminuted fracture, which occurs when the bone is broken into three or more pieces. Additionally, open fractures are another type of femoral fracture in which the bone sticks out of the skin. Because these types of fractures can lead to complications and lengthy recoveries, it is best that accident victims have a knowledgeable lawyer on their side.

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