Most people think that when a child gets bullied that he or she is being pushed or shoved around. While physical abuse is one type of bullying, there are different types of bullying that occur. Watch this video to find out more about the different types of bullying children endure.

Child bullying has existed for centuries, which has involved physical bullying as well as verbal and emotional bullying. Now with technologies, cyberbullying is another type of bullying affecting kids today. Sadly, the ramifications of bullying, especially verbal and mental bullying, can lead to minor psychological disturbances or child suicide. Sarasota child injury lawyer Damian Mallard can help child victims of bullying in Florida, no matter the type of bullying that is involved.

If your child has been bullied at school or anywhere else, you need to speak with a knowledgeable Florida child injury attorney who has handled similar cases. Contact Mallard Perez for a free initial consultation today at 888-409-3805 or contact us online at

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