With the onset of the cell phone—especially the smart phone—teenage motor vehicle accidents have been on the rise across this nation. Even though the results of studies have circulated about the dangers of texting and driving, some teens won’t put down their phones and continue to participate in this horrible form of distracted driving.

When teenage drivers get behind the wheel of a moving motor vehicle, they are tempted to pick up their phones to check their messages or text someone. Unfortunately, this habit occurs on their way to school in the morning, on their way home after school, and even on the weekends. By taking one’s eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, and attention off of driving, the chances for a teen car accident increases.

If you have been involved and injured in a crash in which a teenager driver was texting, it is important to your potential claim that you speak with an injury attorney who will let you know about your rights to compensation. For a free initial consultation, contact our Sarasota law firm at 888-409-3805 or online at

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