Many people have never been involved in a car accident and don’t know what to do following a wreck on I-75. Unfortunately, there are some things people can do that can wreck their claims. So that you can avoid making these mistakes, we invite you to watch this video.

After an accident, many people try and ignore their pain or suffer through the pain. Don’t make this mistake. Make sure you get immediate help from a medical doctor because it is critical to your health and your potential personal injury claim. Also, you need to be aware that the insurance company will be calling to get your statement. Don’t provide the other driver’s insurance company with a recorded statement. Anything you say to either insurance company can be used against you.

To make sure your rights and interests are protected, you should seek the advice of an injury attorney. A personal injury lawyer at Mallard Perez will be able to answer your questions and handle your situation. Call us for a free initial consultation at 888-409-3805 or contact us online at

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