When you are looking for a law firm you can trust, it is important to hear what other clients have said about the attorney you are looking to hire.  When an attorney has a good relationship with the community and past clients have provided exceptional testimonials, your Florida injury case is most likely in good hands.

Tom, a past client of Sarasota personal injury lawyer Damian Mallard, explains in this video his experience with Mallard Perez.  Tom came to Damian Mallard about three years ago after being involved in a Florida automobile accident.  Tom says that Damian Mallard and his team at the law firm took their time and effort to make sure that he was well represented.  He thanked Mallard Perez in this video for making his case turn out better than he could have ever dreamed.

If you would like to hear more testimonials about Mallard Perez or get more information on Florida injury attorney Damian Mallard, please visit his website at and click his bio and resume.  You can also call the office to schedule a free legal consultation at 888-409-3805.
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