With the onset of social media sites, cyberbullying is a daily occurrence in today’s world. As children and teenagers continue to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, cyberbullying will persist—devastating children and even their families.

Cyberbullying happens when kids use computers, cell phones, or other electronic technology to spread rumors, post embarrassing pictures, say something terrible about someone else, name call, and make fun of other kids. Unfortunately, this relatively new form of bullying is also hard to prevent. However, there are legal ramifications and remedies available to children who are being cyberbullied, and a Florida child injury attorney can explain your legal rights.

If your child is being bullied in person or online, you need to speak with a Sarasota child injury lawyer who has experience handling cyberbullying matters. Call Mallard Perez today to speak with attorney Damian Mallard in a free initial consultation and also receive a free copy of his bullying handbook at 888-409-3805 or online at

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