You may be familiar with classic movies involving bigger kids pushing and shoving smaller children. While it may give the audience a laugh, bullying is no laughing matter. Although physical bullying still occurs, there is another form of bullying that is even more prevalent. These days, children aren’t just physically pushed around on the playground by mean kids. Instead, bullying is becoming more prevalent with the use of smartphones and computers.

With the onset of technology and the use of social media, bullies aren’t just bigger and stronger kids. A bully can be any aggressive boy or girl who wants to pick on another child online. Unfortunately, kids say horrible things about other children on Facebook and other social networking sites. Sadly, children and teens who are picked on over the Internet can suffer from depression and anxiety. If cyberbullying has devastated your child and family, get my book the Bullying Handbook: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Children from Bullies.

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