When children are abused at a young age, they can often suffer damaging side effects for life. Watch this video to find out to what extent a child may suffer following abuse.

Whether a child is a survivor of sexual abuse, physical abuse, or emotional abuse, a child abuse victim will need help and treatment. Depending on the damage done, some children may only need therapy for several months whereas others may need counseling or inpatient psychiatric care for a lifetime. At Mallard Perez, we can make sure your child is being seen by a psychiatrist or psychologist who has experience in helping child abuse victims. We will also work with these experts to determine the level of treatment your child will need so that we can make sure your child gets the resources he or she needs.

To make sure your child gets the help, treatment, and compensation he or she deserves following such a traumatic event, contact us. You can learn more about your legal rights in a free consultation by calling us at 888-409-3805 or connecting with us online

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