contact.cfm You may be watching this video because you are hurt and need information.  You may not even know if you need a lawyer for your case, but it is in your best interest that you educate yourself as much as possible after any Florida accident. In this video, Tampa injury lawyer Damian Mallard explains how Mallard Perez can help you after your accident.
The accident attorneys at Mallard Perez created a resourceful website to help answer your questions and give you critical information during this difficult time in your life.  As you can see on the website (, there are buttons that you can click to explore our practice areas, team of Sarasota injury lawyers and paralegals, frequently asked questions, testimonials from other clients, and case results.  If you would prefer to speak with an attorney now, you can click on the link to the left of the screen to chat live with one of our Sarasota injury lawyers. Our attorneys are here to help you and provide answers to your legal questions.
We hope you have found this website helpful and that it has provided you with the answers to your questions.  If you have not located an answer to your question, please call us at 888-409-3805 and we will answer your question for free, without any obligation.  You can also view our articles, blogs, reports and FREE books. 
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