When you hire a Florida injury attorney, you want to make sure that they can get the job done.  Since there are so many lawyers available, how do you select the right lawyer?  Watch this video as a past client describes his experience with Mallard Perez and Damian Mallard, an experienced Sarasota personal injury lawyer.


Chuck's mother suffered injuries in an elevator accident because the elevator was improperly maintained. She required surgery and had an extremely long recovery that has changed her life forever.  Chuck's family needed help caring for her and obtaining compensation for her injuries and medical care. In order to get help and compensation, they hired Damian Mallard, of Mallard Perez, who got the job done.  Chuck's mother is in her 80's and had never had a reason to file a lawsuit until now. Mallard Perez helped her move through this process without fear, and they were able to successfully get Chuck's mother what she needed.


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