Posted on Oct 04, 2013

Adrian Arellano, a 14-year-old boy, was involved in a serious bicycle accident in Sarasota County that involved a pickup truck. According to reports, he was struck by a pickup truck while he was riding his bike off of the Venice Avenue Bridge.

Adrian just finished freshman football practice at Venice High School and was riding his bike to his mother’s work when this life-changing crash occurred. Authorities reported that Adrian was knocked off his bike and flew head first into the ground. Sadly, the left side of his skull was shattered upon impact, as he was not wearing a helmet.

This 14-year-old has suffered the following:

  • Scars
  • Broken arm
  • Hearing loss in left ear
  • Brain injury
  • Multiple skull fractures

Following this Sarasota County crash, Adrian was rushed to the operating room where doctors removed pieces of his shattered skull from the left side of his head. They credit much of Adrian’s quick recovery to his age and the fact that pressure on the brain was released quickly as a result of the emergency surgery. After the surgery, Adrian was in a coma-like state for several days and endured an additional brain surgery to replace the bone fragments taken out.

According to reports, since 2008 there have been 13 bicycle or pedestrian accidents along a mile stretch of Venice Avenue, from Nokomis Avenue to U.S. 41 Bypass. In fact, the Sarasota County Planning and Development Services marked this area as an issue in a July bicycle and pedestrian safety plan. The Sarasota County Commission is schedule to review the new plan for this area on October 8, 2013. Adrian’s mother Jenifer plans to work with the county officials to make this area safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Our Sarasota County injury attorneys at Mallard Perez would like to wish Adrian a continued fast and full recovery.

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