Posted on Dec 07, 2012

On Tuesday, November 13, 2012, a serious traffic accident near Tampa sent three people to the hospital with injuries. According to the Tampa Fire Rescue Department, the crash took place around 6:30 p.m. on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard near County Line Road in front of the entrance to the Northwood subdivision.

The car accident involved two vehicles—a sport utility vehicle and a midsize car—and occurred near the Hillsborough-Pasco County Line. According to reports, a person in the midsize car was thrown from the vehicle upon impact and critically injured. Also, the driver of the SUV was seriously injured. Both were cared for by Pasco County Fire Rescue and taken to area hospitals for medical care.

An occupant in the smaller car was pulled out by Tampa Fire Rescue and was driven to a meeting spot for a medical helicopter to transport the victim to a hospital. All three injured were considered trauma alert patients, said Debra Sue Warshefski, a Tampa Fire Rescue spokeswoman.

Early reports indicated this accident was a head-on collision; however, the Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of this crash. They were on the scene of the accident – closing traffic in both directions. By 9:00 p.m. one lane was opened for traffic.

Police have not released the names of those injured in this Florida crash.

Our Tampa Bay accident injury attorneys would like to wish all three injured a full and fast recovery following this serious accident. 

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