Posted on Apr 08, 2013

An accident occurring on southbound interstate 75 in Wesley Chapel caused the interstate to be closed for several hours. Officials said the crash damaged the roadway, and the road was originally thought to be closed until at least 6 p.m, however one lane was opened around 5:30 pm.

A semi-truck carrying U.S. Postal Service mail and a garbage truck burst into flames after a collision near SR 54, damaging the roadway.

The mail truck was thought to be carrying magazine, sales fliers, and advertisement, most of which was destroyed by the fire caused by the accident.

The accident started when the driver of the mail truck lost control and hit the guard rail causing the truck to jackknife. The driver of the garbage truck was unable to stop and collided with the mail truck. The collision caused both vehicles to catch fire.

Both the driver of the mail truck, Mark Alan Berrier and the driver of the garbage truck, Manuel Francisco were able to get out of their vehicles quickly. Although they were both taken to local hospitals, both are doing well.

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