Posted on Mar 19, 2012
A motorcyclist was injured in a crash on Friday, February 16, 2012. According to police, the Sarasota County motorcycle crash occurred Friday evening around 6:22 p.m. at Albee Farm Road and Edmondson Road, in Venice.

The Florida Highway Patrol reported that the motorcyclist, a 38-year-old man of Venice, was critically injured in the crash. Reportedly, the motorcyclist was driving southbound on Albee Farm Road when a pickup truck turned out in front of the bike, causing the crash.

David E. Bragg, the motorcyclist, was driving a 2007 Suzuki motorcycle at the time of the accident, and was approaching the intersection. Paul A. Scheffer, 54, of Venice, was the other driver involved in the wreck.  He was driving northbound on Albee in his 1993 Nissan pickup truck.

The FHP report indicated that Scheffer made a left-hand turn in front of the motorcycle, causing the bike to crash into the rear passenger side of the pickup.

Troopers questions Scheffer after the accident and were told by him that he turned left in front of the bike because he had a green arrow.  However, police took him to Sarasota County Jail for suspected DUI. Scheffer was not injured in this crash; however, he faces driving under the influence charges.  Scheffer had already been arrested twice previously for DUI related charges.

The motorcyclist was transported to Blake Medical Center, in Bradenton, in critical condition.  Sadly, he is not in a condition to talk to police regarding his version of the story at this time.

Scheffer is being held on $100,000 bond and his arraignment is scheduled for March 16, 2012.

The Sarasota accident attorneys at Mallard Perez would like to wish Mr. Bragg a full and fast recovery.

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