Posted on May 18, 2012
In mid April, a red light runner hit a car in which 20-year-old Mia Redding of Sarasota was traveling. This Sarasota car crash has left Redding in the hospital with multiple cuts to her face, a concussion, fractured hip and multiple fractures to her pelvis.

Redding’s grandmother told officials that her granddaughter was traveling downtown to celebrate her friend’s birthday when the accident occurred. Redding was heading west on Fruitville Road at the intersection of U.S. 301, when a car ran a red light and collided into her vehicle.

Shannon McWeeny, 30, ran a red light and crashed into the driver’s side of Redding’s car. Sarasota police have indicated that the crash was caught on tape from the red light camera that was installed at the intersection. They believe McWeeny was traveling about 50 mph in a 35 mph zone and that the light was red for about five seconds before she drove through it.

Redding was airlifted to Blake Medical Center for treatment; however, she has not been able to walk on her own since the crash.

Police found a crack cocaine pipe on McWeeny and arrested her at the accident scene. They could charge her with criminal charges after tests results come back.

Saddly Redding’s life has been interrupted. She is a college student whose passion is dancing. She cannot go back to school right now, or dance, as she is trying to focus on healing and learning to walk, praying that she will be able to dance again one day.

Our Sarasota personal injury lawyers at Mallard Perez would like to wish Mia Redding a full and speedy recovery.

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