Posted on Nov 04, 2013

Families for Better Care, the elder advocacy group has recently released a “report card” for the quality of long-term care provided to elderly and disabled residents. Many states received a grade of an “F”. While almost just as many received a grade of a “D”. We are all taught in grade school that grades are not given- but earned, and Nursing Homes in 21 states earned their low grades by not offering their elderly and disabled residents the level of care that is expected.

The scores were based on eight federal quality measures, as well as data from the Kaiser Family Foundation and complaint data from the Office of State Long-term Care Ombudsmen.  Ten States received an “A” grade, but only seven of those 10 provided nursing home resident with more than an hour of professional care daily. The trend among the states with the “A” grades was that they had a larger number of experienced staff members.

In the state of Nevada, nearly every nursing home was cited for at least one deficiency. One- Third of them were cited for severe deficiencies.  Deficiencies can range anywhere from pressure ulcers to life threatening injuries.

Florida earned a “B” grade, whereas all of its surrounding states earned a “D”.  

You can click here to find out more about the Nursing Home Report Card. 

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