Posted on Aug 08, 2013

A motorcycle rider collided with a Camaro at around speeds of 70 mph. Thanks to quick thinking on behalf of the motorcyclist, there were no injuries reported and there is also a video on YouTube of the entire ordeal.

There is a video on YouTube of this incident. If you can find it you will notice, he lands on the roof of a Camaro and his bike lands in the middle of the road. He was able to escape the incident virtually unharmed. He said the Camaro, which he was riding behind, slowed down without using his breaks. The motorcyclist knew that he would be unable to avoid the collision. So he decided instead of trying to stop, he would skim the roof of the Camaro. By the looks of it, he accomplished his goal.

He doesn’t blame the driver of the Camaro for the “accident”. He says he was not completely aware of his surroundings until it was almost too late. He did visit a hospital and was told he had no broken bones.

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