Posted on Apr 12, 2013


A lawsuit against the Manatee County School District is claiming that the district violated the Public Records Act in the sexual misconduct case against Manatee High School Assistant Football Coach, Rod Frazier when Michael Barfield, secretary for the American Civil Liberties Union requested investigative records in the case of Manatee High football coach Rod Frazier.

He never received those records.

The attorney for the school board is saying that the district refused to release the requested documents because they were requested during an active, ongoing investigation.

Rod Frazier is being accused of inappropriate relations with a female student. The Bradenton police have recommended to the state's office that Frazier be charged with groping a female student and also with sending a text message requesting nude pictures from her.

The Bradenton Herald is reporting that it was earlier reported that the American Civil Liberties Union files suit against the Manatee County School District however that is not the case.

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