All drivers have responsibilities behind the wheel of moving vehicles, which is especially true of truck drivers. Because drivers of semis and big rigs are responsible for navigating 80,000 pound machines that share the road with smaller vehicles, the responsibilities of commercial truck drivers are more detailed. Truck drivers have more duties and responsibilities to observe because of the size and weight of semi trucks, as well as the serious damages that could occur in Florida trucking accidents.

What are some of the responsibilities of driving a semi truck?

In order to reduce trucking accidents in Sarasota and nationwide, commercial truck drivers are supposed to carry out certain duties outlined in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations and Commercial Drivers License manuals. Some of these responsibilities include:

  1. Comply with limitations for hours of service
  2. Keep accurate and truthful log records of on-duty and off-duty driving times
  3. Inspect cargo for even distribution and that it is secured at the beginning of the trip and en route
  4. Conduct a thorough pre-trip and post-trip inspection of the semi truck to make sure lights work and tires are safe, among other things
  5. Plan trip routes knowing height and weight restrictions of different roads and bridges
  6. Reduce speed, use caution, and keep safe following distances in adverse weather conditions
  7. Travel with reflective triangles and flares and use them when stopped on the side of the road
  8. Observe the posted speed limits
  9. Obey the different state laws
  10. Hang up cell phones; avoid texting while driving

There are many more safety regulations and policies regarding truck driver duties. The ten listed above are some of the important ones that could affect the safety of innocent motorists on the road. When truck drivers comply with the rules and regulations set forth, accidents are reduced. However, when they don’t comply and drive tired, distracted, impaired, aggressive, or too fast, serious injuries and fatalities may be the result.

When these duties and responsibilities are ignored, a trucker could be found negligent for violating standards of care. If you were injured in a trucking accident in Sarasota, the trucker could have been negligent. If so, you will need an experienced attorney on your side to investigate. Contact Mallard Perez for a private, free consultation with a qualified Sarasota truck accident attorney at 888-409-3805 to learn more.

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