Many people who get injured in serious traffic accidents often suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, many PTSD sufferers don’t even know they have this condition. Unfortunately, many accident victims often settle their claims with insurers before realizing their lives have been altered emotionally and psychologically.

If you are constantly thinking about your motorcycle accident, reliving the wreck or are too scared to ride your motorcycle again, you may have post traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is a strong possibility, especially if you’ve suffered a serious injury or someone else died in the crash. You can even have PTSD without suffering a severe physical injury. In fact, you can be affected by this disorder by witnessing a tragic accident or by being the only survivor of a crash.

This condition affects many people—young and old, male and female. Although many people associate PTSD with war veterans, motor vehicle accidents are a leading producer of post traumatic stress disorder. However, many doctors do not test for this condition after an accident, and victims of wrecks may not know they are suffering from PTSD. For this reason, it is wise to familiarize yourself with some of the signs and symptoms of PTSD, including:

  • Fear associated with riding a motorcycle again.
  • Not wanting to ride during the same conditions that were involved in the crash—such as commuting in rush-hour traffic.
  • Visualizing your accident over and over again—flashbacks.
  • Having trouble sleeping and having nightmares.
  • Being anxious, fearful and worrying.
  • Lacking emotions and being depressed.
  • Having confusion and concentration issues.

If PTSD is not treated properly or in a timely manner, it can get worse and affect every aspect of your life, including:

  • Personal life and relationships – Many PTSD sufferers have trouble communicating and often feel disconnected, which can affect their personal relationships—even leading to a troubled marriage and divorce.
  • Your career and holding down a job – Many victims who live with PTSD have trouble concentrating on work, performing properly, and even socializing with coworkers or customers.

Unfortunately, PTSD can ruin people’s lives, and victims of motorcycle accidents in Sarasota should be aware of this sad reality in order to get help before it is too late. If you are worried, anxious, and living in a state of fear—constantly reliving the accident in your mind—you may have PTSD and may need to seek professional help.

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