Part of the thrill of riding a motorcycle is letting the wind touch your skin and the sun beat on your back. However, with this comes the vulnerability of being exposed to the perils of the open road. Because there is nothing protecting a biker in the event of a crash, a motorcyclist can get seriously injured. 

When a motorcyclist is ejected in a Sarasota motorcycle accident and lands on his shoulder, he is susceptible to arm injuries, rotator cuff injuries, and collarbone fractures. A broken clavicle (broken collarbone) that is severely displaced is not only painful, it also requires surgery. This can be expensive because it can require the injured victim to take time off of work to rest and heal. Additionally, physical therapy will be needed, which requires more time and money.

Since a severe broken collarbone from a Florida motorcycle crash can be costly, victims of these types of accidents have to deal with the pain and the financial stresses of the medical treatment and recovery. The accident-related costs start piling up from the following:

  • Emergency room visit
  • X-ray
  • Surgery costs
  • Physical therapy
  • Lost income 
  • Property damages

While some collarbone injuries heal naturally with the use of a sling, others are more serious and require surgery and physically therapy – requiring the costs listed above. The healing time may take three months or more. Even after surgery, an injured rider will sometimes experience a permanent bulge or bump after the bone has healed.

If you have suffered a broken clavicle in a motorcycle crash in Sarasota caused from another person’s negligence, you should talk with an experienced personal injury lawyer to find out more about your rights and a financial recovery. 

You may be entitled to recover compensation for the items listed above, plus more. However, the insurance company will not supply you with the money for all your accident-related expenses voluntarily. Insurance adjusters will try to limit your payout as much as possible in order to save their company money. This is why you need to have a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer on your side to help you get the most compensation possible. 

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