Trucking accidents are very serious collisions due to the size and weight of a tractor trailer. Because of this, victims in smaller automobiles are often jolted around in their vehicles during the collision and can suffer life-threatening injuries as a result. One type of serious injury that can occur in Sarasota trucking accidents is a pelvic fracture.

When the pelvic bone breaks, it can be life-threatening due to the extensive bleeding that occurs. Additionally, other internal organs can be injured when the pelvic ring is damaged. However, there are different types of pelvic fractures that occur—some that require surgery and others that do not. Some types of pelvic fractures include:

  • Avulsion Fracture – This injury happens when part of the muscle is pulled away from the pelvic bone by a tendon. This type of fracture generally heals on its own in about eight weeks and requires rest and limited mobility.
  • Acetabular Fracture – The fracture is to the hip socket. While this injury is not as common as femoral neck fractures, it can occur in auto and trucking accidents. This type of fracture typically requires surgical treatment involving plates and screws.
  • Open Book Fracture – This injury to the pelvis is one of the most serious types of hip fractures, as the left and right halves of the pelvis are broken. This pelvic injury occurs from major trauma and requires surgery.

When any of the above pelvic fractures occur, victims need to seek medical treatment immediately. At the hospital, x-rays and a CT scan will be ordered to determine the severity of the pelvic fracture. Once the type of fracture is verified and surgery is required, a victim may undergo different types of surgery including:

  • Plates and Screws – This surgical process involves inserting plates and screws to reposition fractured bone fragments so they can heal properly.
  • Traction – This orthopedic surgery uses a metal wire or pin that is inserted into the bone to align the fractured bone for optimal healing.
  • External Fixator – This surgery secures the fracture to an external frame using pins below and above the fracture.

When pelvic fractures involve surgery, victims can take months to fully heal and regain their strength. They may need physical therapy, deep tissue massages, and other treatment to fully heal after a serious injury like this. Medical bills for surgery and treatment can add up quickly, and victims of Florida trucking accidents should be compensated accordingly.

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