In non-fatal motorcycle accidents in Florida, knee injuries tend to be common. Although knee injuries seem to be less severe than life-threatening injuries, they are still very painful types of injuries that can take months or years to heal.

Because knees are used for just about everything people do, including walking, standing, sitting, running, bending over, and riding a motorcycle, injured knees can cause major lifestyle changes for injured motorcycle victims.

Some common types of knee injuries that occur in Sarasota motorcycle crashes are:

  • ACL – the anterior cruciate ligament provides stability across the knee. When it is torn, victims cannot bear weight.
  • MCL – the medial collateral ligament limits the inside of the knee from widening. When a blow to the outside of the knee occurs, the MCL can tear and cause the inside to widen. 
  • Torn meniscus – the medial and lateral meniscus form a C-wedge shape between the femur and tibia to act as shock absorbers. When the meniscus tears, body weight is distributed unevenly on the tibia and femur.

The above knee injuries can occur by themselves or as a triad. When a victim suffers an ACL tear, MCL tear, and torn meniscus at the same time, it can be terrible. The ACL, MCL, and meniscus can partially tear or completely tear. In either case, surgery is often required.

When a rider suffers an MCL, meniscus, or ACL injury in a Sarasota motorcycle accident, it can be significant, preventing him or her from riding, caring for themselves, or going to work. Because a knee injury can cause immobility, a motorcyclist can suffer from frustration and depression during this time.

If surgery is needed to repair the torn knee ligaments, the knee may need to be immobilized for some time. During this time, a victim will need to rest, ice, and go to physical therapy in order to restore correct movement and muscle to the injured area.

If your knee was badly hurt in a Sarasota motorcycle accident, seek medical attention immediately, and call a skilled Sarasota injury lawyer at Mallard Perez to talk about getting compensated for your medical expenses, physical therapy, lost wages, and more. Simply call (888) 409-3805 to receive a free consultation today, and request our complimentary book, The Florida Accident Handbook: What You Need to Know After a Florida Auto, Truck or Bike Accident.

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