When motorcyclists are involved in Sarasota motorcycle accidents, they can suffer from serious injuries. Because many bikers do not ride with helmets in Florida, the most serious injuries often occur to the head. However, the head isn’t the only part of a motorcyclist’s body to be injured in a crash; trunk trauma can occur as well.

The trunk includes the middle section of the human body that includes:

  • Spleen – The spleen is located below the lower left ribs and straight down from the armpits. The spleen is, in fact, the most commonly injured organ in the body. It is typically injured by blunt abdominal trauma or a blunt hit to the lower left ribs in motor vehicle accidents. When the spleen is injured, it can rupture and bleed causing a victim pain in the left upper abdomen and downward. When blood loss occurs, it can cause victims lightheadedness. Victims need to seek medical attention immediately if they have any sensitivity in their abdomen following a crash.
  • Liver – Because the liver is somewhat squishy, it is harder for it to rupture; however, when a serious blow to the right lower chest occurs, the liver can be torn. When the liver tears, victims will feel pain spreading from their right upper abdomens down into the pit of their stomachs. The internal bleeding can also cause pain over the right shoulder or shoulder blade. If victims feel lightheaded or any pain in their shoulder, abdomen or stomach, they should get into a hospital as soon as possible.
  • Pancreas – The pancreas is positioned in front of the spine in the center of the abdomen and sits behind the intestines. If a motorcyclist lands on the end of his or her handlebars in a Sarasota motorcycle crash, the bars can cause a sharp penetration into the belly-button area and cause a pancreas injury. A motorcyclist will most likely vomit and feel intense pain in the stomach – radiating through the middle of the back.
  • Bladder – It is very rare for the bladder to rupture; however, if a motorcyclist landed hard enough on the direct end of the bike’s handlebar, it could cause a bladder or bowel injury to occur. Pain may be dull or intense depending on if it is injured or ruptured. If motorcyclists have lower abdominal pain, cramps, vomiting or bloody urine, they should see a doctor for medical treatment as soon as possible.

These injuries can be costly and cause an injured motorcyclist the inability to ride or go to work while healing. If you have trunk trauma after a Florida motorcycle crash, make sure you are getting as much compensation as possible. Call a knowledgeable Sarasota motorcycle accident attorney at the Mallard Law at (888) 409-3805 for a free consultation and a free copy of our book What You Need to Know After a Florida Auto, Truck or Bike Accident.


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