It seems just about everyone has some type of Smartphone they are constantly using. While using a cell phone and driving or walking can be dangerous and actually lead to accidents and injuries, there are some benefits to having a cell phone on you. For example, say you slipped and fell in a store. Your cell phone can come in handy and can actually help you prove your slip and fall case.

The Benefits of Having Your Cell Phone

If you were in a slip and fall accident in which your cell phone was in your pocket or your purse, there are several reasons why you should get your cell phone out and start using it. You can use your cell phone in the following ways after slipping and falling at a store in the Sarasota area, including:

  1. Calling for medical help. Your first goal is to seek medical attention for your injury and to keep your health and safety at the forefront of your mind. Because slip and fall injuries may prevent you from driving yourself to the hospital, it is a good idea to call for paramedics. Not only will doing this help you receive the correct medical attention that your injury deserves, but there will be a record of your injury occurring at that store.
  2. Collecting witnesses’ phone numbers who saw you fall. While you are down on the ground and waiting for help to arrive, you should ask those around you if they saw what happened and how you fell. If they did, ask them for their contact information and store it in your cell phone.
  3. Taking pictures with your cell phone camera. If possible, take several pictures of the accident scene, using your cell phone. It is best to get a close up photograph of the dangerous condition as well as an overall picture that may show there weren’t any caution signs warning customers about the hazardous condition.
  4. Making notes about the accident. As time goes on, memories can fade. In order to remember everything about your accident, you should use your notes function on your cell phone to jot down the time, date, location, and any facts surrounding your slip and fall accident.

By utilizing your cell phone in these ways, you will have a stronger slip and fall claim to pursue. Hopefully, you found this article helpful. If so, we ask you to share it with your contacts on Facebook so others will know what to do and why they need to use their cell phone after a slip and fall accident.

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