Over the past few days I have been posting a Summary of the Grand Jury findings against Jerry Sandusky. This is the last part. I must warn you, it is graphic and it will tug at your emotions. 
For the full report visit, http://www.freep.com/assets/freep/pdf/C4181508116.PDF
Victim 8: Unknown boy guessed to be between 11 and 13 years old. In the fall of 2000, a janitor named James “Jim” Calhoun observed Sandusky in the showers of the Lasch Building with a young boy pinned up against the wall, performing oral sex on the boy. He immediately told the other janitorial staff what he had just witnessed. Ronald Petrosky was also working that night, and recalls it was either a Thursday or Friday evening. Petrosky’s job was to clean the showers. He first heard water running in the assistant coaches’ shower room. He could only see two pair of feet. He waited for the two persons to exit the shower. He later saw Sandusky exit the locker room with a boy. Jay Witherite was Jim’s supervisor and testified that Jim was very emotionally upset and very distraught. Witherite told Jim whom he should report the incident, if he chose to report it. Jim presently suffers from dementia and is incompetent to testify.
Victim 9: He was 12 years old when he met Sandusky through the Second Mile Program in    2005. Abuse occurred when he was between the ages of 12 and 15, from 2005-2008. Sandusky took him to several football games and gave him a number of gifts, including money. Victim 9 says that Sandusky started out with hugging, rubbing, cuddling, and tickling. During his overnight stays at Sandusky’s house, he always stayed in a bedroom located in the basement. Victim 9 testified that he spent overnight at the Sandusky home on numerous occasions between the ages of 12 and 15. He also testified that he had “barely any” contact with Sandusky’s wife during his visits. Victim 9 describes a pattern of sexual assaults by Sandusky over a period of years. Many assaults occurred in the basement bedroom of Sandusky’s home. The victim testified that Sandusky forced him to perform oral sex on numerous occasions. Sandusky also attempted to engage in anal penetration of Victim 9 on many occasions and at times did penetrate him. The victim testified that on at least one occasion he screamed for help knowing that Sandusky’s wife was upstairs. Sandusky would expose his erect penis to the victim. Sandusky frequently told him that he loved and cared for him.   
Victim 10: He was 10 years old when he met Sandusky through the Second Mile Program in 1997. In the fall of 1997 Sandusky invited Victim 10 to a Penn State football game. Victim 10 was picked up from his home and taken to Sandusky’s home for a meal and gathering with other children. Then Victim 10 was taken to the football game. He testified that he went to several games and attended meals at the Sandusky home. Victim 10 says he never spent the night at Sandusky’s home. Victim 10 described that Sandusky would wrestle with him and eventually during one of those wrestling sessions Sandusky pulled the boy’s shorts down and performed oral sex on him. This happened many times. Victim 10 says that Sandusky would slide his hands up underneath Victim 10’s swimming suit and touch his genitals. This also happened several times. Sandusky took Victim 10 shopping and frequently told the boy that he loved him. Victim 10 says that the relationship ended when Sandusky opened his pants, exposing his penis and indicated that he wanted Victim 10 to perform oral sex on him. Victim 10 refused and Sandusky was displeased. Victim 10 then told his foster mother that he did not want to spend any more time with Sandusky. 

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