Over the next couple of days, I will be posting a Summary of the Grand Jury findings against Jerry Sandusky. I must warn you, it is graphic and it will tug at your emotions. This is part 2
For the full report visit, http://www.freep.com/assets/freep/pdf/C4181508116.PDF

Victim 5: He was 7-8 years old when he met Sandusky through the Second Mile Program in    1995 or 1996. Abuse occurred when he was 8-10 years old, from 1996-1998. Victim 5 attended perhaps as many as 15 football games with Sandusky. While Sandusky was driving, he would often put his hand on Victim 5’s left leg. Sometime during 1996-1998, Sandusky took Victim 5 in the sauna and “pushed” him “around a little bit”. At one point while Victim 5 was showering, he looked back over his shoulder and noticed that Sandusky was looking at him and had an erection. Sandusky then pinned Victim 5 up against a wall in the corner and took Victim 5’s hand and placed it on his erect penis. Victim 5 pulled his hand away and slid by Sandusky. Sandusky never touched Victim 5 again. Victim 5 doesn’t think he was invited to anymore football games after that.
Victim 6: He was 7-8 years old when he met Sandusky through the Second Mile Program in    1994 or 1995. Abuse occurred when he was 11 years old, in 1998.When Victim 6 was 11 years old, Sandusky took him to the locker room next to Holuba Hall at Penn State to work out. As they were driving to the University, Sandusky put his right hand upon Victim 6’s left thigh several times. When they arrived, they lifted weights for 15 -20 minutes then played “Polish bowling.” Sandusky began wrestling with Victim 6. Then Sandusky said they needed to shower even though Victim 6 was not sweaty.  Sandusky then lathered up the boy, soaping his back because, he said, the boy would not be able to reach it. Victim 6 testified that the entire shower episode felt very awkward. Sandusky dropped Victim 6 off at home, where his mother noticed that his hair was wet and immediately questioned him about it. She reported the incident to University Police who investigated. The investigation included a second child, B.K., also 11, who was subjected to nearly identical treatment in the shower as Victim 6. However, B.K. could not be subpoenaed because he is in the military and stationed outside of the United States. Sandusky admitted to showering naked with victim 6 and admitted it was wrong. The Detective in charge of the case advised Sandusky not to shower with any child again and Sandusky said that he would not.    
Victim 7: He was 10 years old when he met Sandusky through the Second Mile Program in    1994. Abuse occurred when he was 11 years old, in 1998. Victim 7 testified that Sandusky made him uncomfortable when he was a young boy. He described Sandusky putting his right hand upon Victim 7’s left thigh when they were driving in the car. He also described more than one occasion on which Sandusky put his hands down the waistband of Victim 7’s pants. He never touched any private parts though. Victim 7 also described Sandusky cuddling him when he stayed at his home. Sandusky also took Victim 7 to Holuba Hall at Penn State to work out and then to the East Area Locker rooms to shower. Victim 7 testified that he has a “blurry memory” of some contact with Sandusky is the shower but is unable to recall it clearly.

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