There are many different types of trucks that travel Sarasota’s roadways and pose dangers to innocent motorists sharing the roads with them. When a Sarasota truck crash occurs, it could involve one of the many types of trucks, including:

  • Tractor-trailer
  • Semi truck 
  • Concrete truck
  • Garbage truck
  • Moving truck
  • Box truck
  • Rental truck
  • Dump truck

There are many different types of large commercial vehicles that can cause serious injuries to those in passenger vehicles in the event of a wreck. It is not uncommon for victims of truck accidents in Florida to suffer a tibia fracture. Tibia injuries can range from minor to major and can cause victims weeks of pain and healing.

Types of Tibia Injuries in Sarasota Truck Accidents

The tibia is the main bone in the lower leg, also known as the shin bone. Although it takes a great amount of force to fracture the tibia, it is often a result of a truck crash because of the great amount of stress placed on legs during a collision.

Tibia fractures can result in two different types of fractures:

  1. Closed tibia fracture – this type injury means that a person’s tibia fracture is inside the leg. Sometimes, this can look like a broken tibia bone with a fracture to the fibula. Minor closed tibia fractures may need a cast; however, major tibia injuries may require surgery and months of healing. 
  2. Open tibia fracture – this type of injury is more severe because the tibia will visibly puncture the skin. Open tibia injuries are more critical than closed because a victim is at risk for infection. Victims generally require surgery and more intense treatments. In extreme cases of open tibia fractures with infection, amputation may be necessary.

When victims are involved in traffic accidents, they should seek medical treatment immediately to get an accurate diagnosis and to avoid potential infections. Tibia fractures can be treated; however, victims may not be able to function usual for weeks or months after the accident.

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