A Sarasota motor vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer and a car is comparable to a fight between an elephant and a mouse. The dramatic difference in size and weight between these two types of vehicles often results in severe physical, emotional, and financial costs to the victims. Commercial licensing procedures are put in place to try and minimize the potential for these accidents. Unfortunately, some truck drivers choose to operate their vehicles using fraudulent licenses. By doing so, the protections afforded by licensing are compromised.

In order to obtain or maintain a license, truck drivers must follow certain regulations. The drivers must also pass rigorous examinations designed to ensure that drivers are well trained in safely operating commercial trucks.Commercial licensing for truck drivers governs the following:

  • Load size
  • Hours of service
  • Safety training

If a Florida truck driver is using a fraudulent license or is driving without a license at all, that driver may also be ignoring all of the rules put in place for the purpose of preventing accidents. That truck driver may be:

  • Failing to report to authorities
  • Failing to check in at weigh stations
  • Failing to ensure that they are driving equipment that is current in safety standards
  • Carrying hazardous materials
  • Carrying illegal substances

Fraudulent Sarasota commercial licenses may be obtained either by using a fake license or through falsified examination results. This problem is especially prevalent in states where private testing agencies are hired to administer and certify licensing examinations. The third party agency is more difficult to monitor and increases the potential for corruption. In an effort to remedy the problem of fraudulent commercial licensing, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has introduced a new system that aims tohelp prevent testing fraud. The new system is gradually catching on, with an increasing number of states signing on each year.

Fraudulent commercial licenses jeopardize the safety of thousands of motorists each year. If you were injured in a truck accident, it is possible that the driver was operating without a proper license. Contact an experienced Sarasota truck accident lawyer for more information. Complete our online submission form or call our office at (888) 409-3805 for a complimentary consultation.

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