Parents often give their children advice about school-related activities, such as how to behave, the importance of listening and following directions, and how to get along with others. However, when children walk to and from school, parents also need to discuss school zone safety with their kids.

Children often do not understand the dangers that moving vehicles present to their safety. Parents are tasked with the job of teaching their children from a very young age to look both ways before crossing the street. However, children are easily distracted and may run out into the street even though they were taught not to.

Although children have been known to be at fault for being injured in Sarasota pedestrian accidents, more often than not, South Florida pedestrian accidents that take place around school zones are frequently not the fault of children but the fault of negligent, distracted drivers. Studies indicate that pedestrian accidents near school zones take place around cars, in crosswalks, and in the general vicinity of a school.

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in School Zones
The number one cause of pedestrian accidents involving children is drivers failing to stop at stop signs. Either drivers are distracted by their cell phones or are multitasking behind the wheel, causing them to not see the stop sign. Other times, they are in a hurry and run the stop sign on purpose.

Speeding is another significant cause of pedestrian accidents near school zones. When drivers do not pay attention to the reduced speed limits for school zones, they may continue driving too fast to stop for a child crossing the street.

Sometimes these accidents occur because the driver did not see the child crossing the street due to the small height of that child. Because of this, children should always cross the street with an adult or a crosswalk attendant present, and drivers of motor vehicles should be on the lookout for children around school zones.

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