When motorcycle crashes in Florida occur, bikers often injure their legs. Leg injuries are one of the most common injuries motorcyclists suffer in traffic accidents. There are three bones that make up the leg—the femur, fibula and tibia.

Sometimes motorcyclists suffer leg injuries that include fractures to all three bones; however, it is common for injuries to occur in segments. For instance, a femur fracture is an injury to the upper leg, while tibia and fibula injuries are lower-leg injuries.

Lower-Leg Injuries in Sarasota Motorcycle Accidents

When the bones of the lower leg – the fibula and tibia – suffer a complete break in a crash, it can be one of the most painful injuries a motorcyclist suffers. When a full break of the bone occurs, surgery is needed to repair the injured area and stabilize the broken bone. Unfortunately, for injured bikers, these types of surgeries have long recovery times. In addition, if the victim’s skin was punctured, it could cause an infection and an even longer recovery time.

After seeking medical attention following a wreck, injured motorcyclists may be faced with a myriad of procedures to fix the fracture. Some lower-leg injuries require screws and plates to fix the broken bone, especially if the injury or break in the bone is close to the ankle or knee joint. This will require surgery and months of physical therapy exercises. Even after the surgery and physical therapy, some victims are left with nerve pain and stiffness.

Other lower-leg injuries following a Sarasota motorcycle crash require external hardware to repair the injured bone. If a doctor uses external fixators to immobilize the bones for proper healing, victims could have a painful recovery and may not fully heal without post-traumatic arthritis. Sometimes early management and physical therapy can help in avoiding arthritis, but sometimes it cannot.

Help for Motorcycle Victims with Lower-Leg Injuries

If you suffered a tibial plateau fracture, fractured fibula, or another lower-leg injury from a motorcycle accident that was caused by the negligence of another driver, please talk to a Sarasota County motorcycle accident attorney for legal advice today.

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