When an individual is involved in a Sarasota motorcycle accident, there is no external barrier protecting the biker from the impact of the crash.As a result, the motorcycle driver is more likely to sustain injuries as a result of the accident. For the past ten consecutive years, the number of motorcyclists who die from a crash has increased every year. To provide some level of protection, many drivers opt to wear a helmet for the safety of their skull and brain.

Sarasota traumatic brain injuries are devastating to victims and their families, damaging many aspects of the victim's life, including:

  • Personality
  • Speech
  • Cognition
  • Motor skills
  • Emotional well-being

Fortunately, the use of a helmet plays a large role in reducing the likelihood of suffering a Sarasota TBI or lessening its severity following a motorcycle accident. Brain injuries are caused by the impact of the crash, when the brain is shaken or strikes against the skull. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, wearing a proper helmet significantly reduces the motorcyclist's odds of suffering the following in an accident:

  • Death
  • Mild traumatic brain injury
  • Moderate traumatic brain injury
  • Severe traumatic brain injury

Wearing a helmet also reduces the odds of incurring a brain injury in a single vehicle accident by 33% and 48% in a multi-vehicle crash. Overall, the NHTSA reports that wearing a helmet is 35% effective at preventing brain injuries. Two states have released findings that further support these facts. Both California and Maryland report that, after introducing mandatory motorcycle helmet laws, motorcycle fatalities declined by approximately 37%. Further, California also reports that the helmet law reduces the number of traumatic brain injuries caused by motorcycle accidents by 34%.

In addition to the physical and emotional impact of Sarasota head trauma,these injuries can also impose a serious financial strain. This strain results from:

  • Lost present income due to inability to work
  • Lost future income over the course of a lifetime
  • Emergency room costs
  • Long-term medical care and rehabilitation costs

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration reports that the average costs of medical care for motorcyclists not wearing a helmet and suffering a TBI are 13 times higher than for those who were wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. Therefore, reducing the financial burden of a motorcycle injury is yet another reason why it is so important to wear a helmet.

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